1947. After the emergence of Pakistan on 14th Aug 1947 a force by the name of Home Guards in Punjab and Sindh Rifles in Sindh was created with its Headquarters at Lahore to intercept the trans - borders criminals. This force was placed under the then IG of Police for administration. Home Guard comprised Punjab Border Police and Bahawalpur Border Police and Sindh Rifles comprised Sindh Border Police & Khairpur Military Police. Home Guards were deployed on the border of Punjab Province & Bahawalpur State and Sindh Rifles were deployed on the Border of Sindh Province & Khairpur State initially.

1958. In Oct 1958, Border Police was reorganized to form an independent department under the West Pakistan Government by the name of West Pakistan Rangers. All four frontier forces i.e. Punjab Border Police, Bahawalpur Border Police, Sindh Border Police and Khairpur Military Police were merged to form an independent department of West Pakistan Government for which an ordinance was promulgated. The command elements came on deputation from the Pakistan Army. The West Pakistan Rangers consisted of three main Units as fol:-

  • Sutlej Rangers (new shape of Punjab Border Police) with its Headquarters at Lahore.

  • Desert Rangers (new shape of Bahawalpur border Police) with its Headquarters at Bahawalpur.

  • Indus Rangers (new shape of Khairpur Military Police and Sindh Border Police) with its Headquarters at Hyderabad.

1969. In 1969, due to heavy commitment of Sutlej Rangers it was restructured and a new Unit was raised name Chenab Rangers with its Headquarters at Sialkot, having 193 Kilometers Working Boundary and 105 Kilometers of International Border.

1972. Force was renamed from West Pakistan Rangers to Pakistan Rangers and given under the control of Federal Government (Ministry of Defence).

1974. In 1974, it became part of the Civil Armed Force under the Ministry of Interior.

1989. In late 1989, due to growing riots and worsening Law and Order situation in Sindh, a new force was raised named Mehran force under the direct command of Director General Pakistan Rangers with its nucleus Headquarters in Karachi. Five permanent Sectors consisting four wings each named Shahbaz Rangers, Bhattai Rangers, Qasim Rangers, Sachal Rangers and Indus Rangers were the part of this force.

1995. 1st Jul 1995 Pakistan Rangers was bifurcated into Punjab and Sindh Rangers. After bifurcation, Sector HQ Cholistan Rangers alongwith 3 x Wings were raised at Rahim Yar Khan to cover long distance of Desert and Cholistan area.

2003.  2 x Wings were raised for Internal Security Duties.

2005. Sector HQ Punjnad Rangers alongwith 4 x Wings were raised for Internal Security Duties .

Presently, Pakistan Rangers (Punjab) has become dynamic and vibrant force and performing challenging tasks of guarding eastern border and performing Internal Security duties in Punjab, Gilgit, Rajanpur and Islamabad Capital Territory in a befitting manner. This is only possible due to the commitment/foresightedness of our predecessors and hard work of present team..

The Insignia


The image of fort is of Lahore Fort which depicts the location of HQ.

Five curved lines represents five rivers of Punjab which is the main domain of Pakistan Rangers (Punjab).

The sword or dagger replicates the Martial nature of the duty.

The Arabic words "Daiman Sahiran" means "Ever Vigilant" or "Always Awake" which very truly reflects the absolute duty of the troops.



Brig Saeed ud din Khan (1958)

Brig Hassam ud din Afandi (Aug 1960)

Brig Khudadad
(Dec 1964)

Brig Raja Ghazi Haider (July 1966)

Brig Khushi Muhammad Khalid (Dec 1971)

Maj Gen Hameed Asghar Kyani
(July 1971)

Brig Mumtaz Ali
(July 1973)

Brig Muhammad Akbar (Aug 1975)

Brig Humanyun Malik (Mar 1980)

Maj Gen Farrukh Khan (Mar 1984)

Maj Gen Hakeem Arshad Qureshi (1985)

Maj Gen Naseer Ahmed (Aug 1989)

Mah Gen Safdar Ali Khan (July 1991)

Maj Gen Sayed Zafar Mehdi (Nov 1993)

Maj Gen Saeed ul Hassan Zaidi
 (Dec 1995)

Maj Gen Saleem ullah Khan (Sep 1998)

Maj Gen Zarrar Azeem (Mar 2000)

Maj Gen Hussain Mehdi (Mar 2002)

Maj Gen Muhammad Harron Aslam
(Aug 2007)

Maj Gen Muhammad Yaqub Khan
(Sep 2008)


Maj Gen Muhammad Nawaz (Shaheed)
(Jan 2011)

Maj Gen
Mian Muhammad Hilal Hussain (Sep 2013)

Maj Gen
Khan Tahir Javed Khan
(Apr 2015)


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