It is extremely gratifying to address through the recently launched website of the “LION HEARTED”, Pakistan Rangers (Punjab), which through ages have proved their mettle at every juncture. Rangers, unquestionably enjoy exceptional reputation at all the tiers of Command and Staff at national level, may it be border guarding, Internal Security or any other assignments. Recital of Rangers has always been outclass and well above the expectations. I would like to appreciate each and every individual of the Force for bringing good name to the organization.

The contemporary era is characterised by interdependence the need to work collectively for peace & stability and Pakistan Rangers (Punjab) will continue working with other agencies to improve Law & Order situation in the country.

Efforts put in by all in chain in making this website rich in substance and thought provoking is commendable, an opportunity to reflect and express ourselves. This site has provided us an opportunity to present our Force to the world. While browsing one will reveal that the site is imaginatively conceived, immaculately configured, thoughtfully laid out and is a valuable blend of professional excellence and technical prowess.

I hope everyone will get benefit out of it and all efforts will be put in to maintain the standard. For any comments or correspondence, we are always keen to Welcome you.

May ALLAH Almighty bless us ( Amen ).

Azhar Naveed Hayat Khan

Major General

Director General Pakistan Rangers (Punjab)


Pakistan Rangers (Punjab) during recent years have made tremendous efforts to improve their professional standards despite various internal security and other commitments. This was made possible by clear directive, meticulous planning and focused mission oriented training by all ranks down the chain of Command. The challenges of obtaining environment are enormous and spectrum of threat continues to widen. Role of Pakistan Rangers (Punjab) has enhanced from Border Guarding Force to a more professional outfit, expected to defend particular sectors as well as actively participate in what we call ‘Operations Other Than War’, peace keeping missions and disaster relief operations. This perspective presents a challenging scenario which must spur the best in everyone. Measuring up to the challenging task has always been the dominant creed of Pakistan Rangers (Punjab).

Focus of training is on firing, physical fitness, night training, field craft, search & cordon and counter terrorism training. Very high training standards are set as our men can attain the highest. Training is organized at various levels; which include ‘On post training’, ‘Company level training’, ‘Wing / Sector level collective training’ and training with affiliated army formations. 


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