The Pakistan Rangers are a paramilitary Force under the control of the Ministry of the Interior of the Pakistan Government.  

In 1995 the Pakistan Rangers divided into two parts, one called Pakistan Rangers Punjab, with its headquarters in Lahore, and the other called Pakistan Rangers Sindh, with headquarters in Karachi. The two divisions have different uniforms and command. The Director General of Pakistan Rangers (Punjab) is Major General Umar Farooq Burki, HI (M).  The main flag hosting and lowering ceremony takes place daily at Wagha & Ganda Singh Wala and Sulemanki.


Punjab Rangers

 Sindh Rangers



Pakistan Rangers is mainly responsible for the protection of Pakistan's Eastern Borders, however, at times it also assists the Government for Internal Security Duty. The Rangers are also very active in securing important monuments and guarding national assets in various cities of Pakistan. The Rangers have notably contributed towards maintaining law and order in the country.


Pakistan Rangers (Punjab) is primarily responsible for guarding 1300 KMs Eastern Border of Province of Punjab. In addition, the Force is also actively involved in Internal Security tasks all over the Province of Punjab. The extensive employment led to a major expansion taking place between 2003 and 2005, from 17 Wings to 23 Wings.

The Motto of Pakistan Rangers (Punjab) is Daaeman Saaheran , which means "Ever Vigil" or "Always Awake" and all of the Officers and Jawans try their best to prove worthy of it.


Pakistan Rangers (Punjab) has also the unique honor to display exhibition drill at flag lowering ceremonies at JCP Wagha, Ganda Singh Wala and Sulemanki. The individual and collective patriotic spirit, exuberance and perfection in drill movements during these displays is a source of attraction at national and international level.


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