Internal Security and maintenance of law and order are fragile and sensitive tasks, thereby involving various tiers of a Force with varied composition. Over the past few years it has been experienced that while operating in Internal Security environment, absence of women law enforcing elements pose a major problem while dealing with the women folk. Therefore, it was felt necessary to have a separate women force.

The first ever batch of Lady Rangers was inducted and trained during the year 2008 and their passing out parade was held at Lahore on 20 Oct 2008. The Chief Guest of this ceremony was Dr. Fahmida Mirza Speaker National Assembly.









The envisaged roles and tasks of Lady Rangers are appended below:-

  • Combat Force

    • Employment on IS duties.

    • Controlling large scale (female) protestors.

    • Crowd dispersal.

    • Search and Rescue.

    • Employment at Joint Check Post Wagha (duties in ladies enclosure)

    • Protocol duties.

    • Employment in Rangers Hospital/Rangers Public Schools.

    • Employment on VVIP Protection.

    • Security of Vital Installations.

    • Entry points/gates for checking of ladies visitors.

    • Accompany for Raid/Search operations.


  • Secretariat Staff

    • Computer/Telephone operators.

    • Perform duties as PA.

    • Work as Clerks.


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