Meetings with counterpart are held at various tiers of command to resolve border disputes and co-ordinate programme for joint patrolling. Types of these meetings are as under:-

  • Unscheduled Meetings or Flag Meetings. These type of meetings are held at Platoon, Company and Wing level and are held to resolve small incidents such as inadvertent crossing, illegal crossing and exchange of protest notes etcetera. These are conducted as and when required.

  • Scheduled Meetings.

    • Bi-Annual Meetings. These are held every six months alternately in Pakistan and India between Director General Pakistan Rangers and Inspector General Border Security Force India. The purpose of this high level meeting is:-

      • To resolve major and outstanding issues and take necessary decisions as per own Government’s stance.

      • Review the progress of survey, repair, maintenance and construction of boundary pillars.

      • To set schedule of work on repair and maintenance of boundary pillars during the next working season.

    • Quarterly Meetings. Are held every quarter at Joint Check Post Wagha between Deputy Director General Pakistan Rangers and Deputy Inspector General, Border Security Force India to review and resolve the cross border disputes.

    • Monthly Meetings. These are held between Wing Commanders of Pakistan Rangers and Battalion Commandants of Border Security Force. Apart from resolving disputes, the monthly programme for Simultaneous Co-ordinated Patrolling is also finalized at this forum.




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