Standing Operating Procedure (SOP) for registration of firms/contractors by Headquarters Pakistan Rangers (Punjab) is as under:-

Definitions. Various terms used in connection with the registration of firms are explained as following:-

Registration. It is a legal written approval of the competent authority i.e Director General Pakistan Rangers (Punjab), given after successful completion of all formalities, to a local firm for the supply of indigenous or imported stores to Pakistan Rangers (Punjab).

Provisional Registration. It is the legal written approval to a supplier for supply of store pending formal registration.

Issuing Letters (Invitation of Tender) to Un-Registered Firms. ITs can be issued to un-registered firms where it is felt that the registered/provisionally registered firms are not able to quote, or that healthy competition would result.

Blacklisting. It is the legal written order, passed by the competent authority to debar a particular firm from receiving ITs and participating in the supply actively for ever. All other Government Departments are also inform to take a similar action against effected firm. Blacklisting may be done in following cases:-

  • Act of fraud or cheating.

  • Action prejudicial to National Security.

  • A breach of official Secret Act.

  • Making false statement or supply materials designed to cause damage to the interest of state.

  • Criminal breach of trust selling of stolen property etc.

  • Conviction by a court of law for failing in business integrity of business responsibility as a Government Contractor.

  • Any other ground, if Director General Pakistan Rangers (Punjab) considers that retention of contractor is un-desirable.

Removal. Means removal of a registered firm from the list of approved contractor for ever. No IT will be issued to any such firm and it will be debarred through a legal written order by the competent authority i.e Director General Pakistan Rangers (Punjab). Reasons for removal are:-

  • Misconduct.

  • Failure to observe instructions.

  • Failure to quote thrice consequently in response to ITs.

  • Quoting exorbitant rates.

Embargo. Means a legal written order debarring a particular firm to receive ITs and participate in the supply activity. Embargo is imposed on a firm for a specified period e.g six months or one year etc as a minor punishment for its un-business like attitude.

Registration of Firm’s Formalities.

  • Firms desiring registration with Pakistan Rangers (Punjab) will apply to Director General Pakistan Rangers (Punjab) stating their Biodata and probable store of supply. Firms considered suitable for registration will be issued application form (as per specimen attached as annex ‘A’). Firms will submit application form duly completed to Headquarters Pakistan Rangers (Punjab) Ordnance Branch, thereafter necessary verification of documents from Police authority and security clearance of firm will be carried out.

  • Application forms on return after verification will be scrutinized and case of undesirable firms will be dropped.

  • As per procedure in vogue and latest instructions on the subject suitable application forms duly completed in all respects will be processed for formal approval of firm’s registration. After approval of competent authority, the firm will be issued with a formal notice of registration by Assistant Director of Ordnance Service Headquarters Pakistan Rangers (Punjab).

  • Registration will be valid for one year renewable on submission of renewal fee by the firm and feasibility report from concerned branch of Pakistan Rangers (Punjab) where he is doing his business.

  • Firms whose cases are under vetting/verification etc may be registered provisionally with the approval of Director General Pakistan Rangers (Punjab) pending their formal registration.

Earnest Money and Security. Approved contractors/firms will deposit 2% earnest money alongwith tenders. Un-registered/provisionally registered contractors/firms will deposit 5% earnest money alongwith their tender as per para 25 of Public Procurement Rules 2004 in case they are allowed to participate in any particular tender. All registered/un-registered/provisionally registered contractors and firms will deposit security at the rates fixed by the purchaser in tender form on receipt of notice for the same by them from the purchaser.

For un-registered firms registration within 30 days is mandatory if awarded a contract, failing which the contract will be revised or payment will be stopped till finalization of registration.


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