The roles assigned to Pakistan Rangers (Punjab) are:-

  • Protection of personnel and property in the border areas.

  • Apprehension of persons unlawfully entering into or going out of Pakistan territory.

  • Organise village defence committees in the border areas.

  • Prevention of smuggling.

  • Collection of intelligence in the border areas.

  • Coordination with police and other civil agencies in the prevention and detection of smuggling.

  • Assist police in the prevention and detection of crimes in the border areas.

  • Reinforce the police for the maintain of law and orders whenever it is necessary.



Apart from its routine/Border guarding duties, Pakistan Rangers (Punjab) is also employed on Internal Security duties at Gilgit, Islamabad Capital Territory, Terbela, Rajanpur and Kashmore, in addition to provision of security to certain organisations and VVIPs. It is a highly professional force committed to maintain peace along borders as well as within the country. The achievements and contributions made by Pakistan Rangers (Punjab) in complex security situation of the country have been applauded by all segments of the society. For the purpose of Internal Security duties, close coordination is being maintained with ministry of Interior, GHQ, Home Department (Govt. of Punjab) and local Police/Civil Administration for timely response so as to tackle any untoward incident efficiently within the province.


One of the major responsibilities assigned to Pakistan Rangers (Punjab) is to prevent smuggling on the borders. Although smuggling has been cut down considerably after erection of fence by the Indians, yet, items like gold, narcotics and drugs are smuggled from Pakistan while liquor and acetic anhydride are smuggled from India. In fact, the fence has given Indians control over smuggling.


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