Broad training parameters for the force are as under:-

  • Training is organized after evaluating the educational / professional proficiency of the individuals. Focus is on practical oriented training.

  • Maximum officers and Inspectors / Sub Inspectors are incorporated as instructors. Central pool of good instructors is trained and maintained at Wing level to conduct training classes.

  • Motivation and security awareness is made part of the training and lectures are conducted on weekly basis.

  • Supervision of training remains as important as the conduct itself. Platoon, Company and Wing Commanders are assigned the responsibility to supervise the training at each level.

  • Training for war time tasks is dovetailed with peace time border duties.

  • A realistic approach to training keeping in view the present threat scenario.



Besides organizing number of courses at Pakistan Rangers Academy, our officers and other ranks attend the courses in various Army School of Instructions, National Policy Academy, Federal Civil Defence School, Bomb Disposal Unit, Anti Terrorist Training School and National Institute of Fire Technology. The courses abroad for all ranks are also planned.


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